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As an adult learner, you have responsibilities outside of the classroom that can't be ignored.

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Flexible Business at Villa

Succeed without sacrificing in Villa’s Flexible Business program that is designed for non-traditional students. Students can earn a Bachelor’s degree in as little as 3 years!

Achieve your academic goals, advance your career and become the ace employers want on their teams in a program that allows you to earn a degree without sacrificing your real-world responsibilities. Take a mix of online and on-campus classes with optional evening courses that work with your schedule.

Join a growing industry that projects growth rates for business administration jobs will increase up to 23% through 2026!

Potential Career Paths

A business degree provides you with a diverse skill set that can open doors in a variety of fields. Plus, graduates of a four-year program earn 65% more than individuals with just a high school diploma.

  • Sales manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Human resources specialist
  • Sales manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Operations manager

Why Choose Villa

Villa’s supportive environment makes it possible for non-traditional students to excel both inside and outside of the classroom.

Collaborate and Communicate

Just like in the business world, you need nearly unlimited access to all kinds of resources to earn a degree. At Villa, you’ll have that. Our 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio means you get the full attention of your professors, unlimited use of computer labs, quiet spots to study and more. Our experienced business program faculty have decades of professional experience so they won’t just talk about textbook concepts, they’ll demonstrate how to apply them in a plausible real-world setting.

Foundation and Framework

A business administration degree from Villa opens a ton of doors. You’ll start by learning basics concepts of business, like how to conduct research, build a budget and deliver a killer client pitch. After mastering the basics, you can choose to follow a specialty track, like marketing or accounting or pick up a minor based on your interests, like fashion, or photography. Regardless of the path you follow, you’ll emerge as a strategic thought leader ready to rule the boardroom.

Step Towards Success

Business books are a dime a dozen. You can read them all, but so can everyone else. At Villa, you’ll receive a practical education that enables you to build a diverse and critical skill set you can rely on throughout your entire professional career. As a graduate of Villa’s flexible business program, you’ll be experienced in all aspects of business and, along the way, you will develop an impressive portfolio of shareable work that proves how capable you are to a future employer.

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