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Lisa Abt, ’19

Being a PTA is special because I have the opportunity to treat so many different community members in this area. Patients can range from 8 to 98 years old, and every patient is special and unique in their own ways. It is wonderful to be working with so many different people to get them back to living a life they want and gaining more function!

The PTA program at Villa Maria is truly special, and I would not be the PTA I am today without the training, care and commitment from all of the professors I had here. They teach us more than just range of motion, modalities, and MMT. They teach us how to succeed in professional environments, how to treat each patient with the absolute best care, and that “it always depends on the patient!” (thanks Dr. Kotz!!)

The biggest advice I can give to current students is to go into all of your internships with an open mind. You might think you want to work in outpatient ortho when starting the program, but go into your nursing home/hospital internships with an open mind too. You never know what you will like until you experience it!