Campus Visits Are Your Greatest Tool

Campus Visits Are Your Greatest Tool

There is no better way to decide if a college is the right fit for you than making a campus visit.

Whether you are a senior narrowing down your final college choices or a driven junior testing the waters, campus visits are a fun and extremely useful way to see which schools are able to meet your needs.

Take it from me – I went into my college search having zero clue where I wanted to go.  I applied to ten colleges and visited all of them.  At first, it was very intimidating for me to ask the tour guide basic questions about the school… boy to girl ratio? Student to faculty ratio? Dining hall hours?  By the last tour on my list, I was asking the real stuff that we all want to know deep down… does the school carry Pepsi or Coke products? How often do those really slick looking sweatshirts go on sale at the bookstore?

Now, I’m an admissions counselor giving the tours and I can promise you that we are excited for you to be there for each and every visit!

Every college visit is different and you’ll learn that as you go on more and more.  Sometimes you will have a student tour guide; other times you will be given a tour directly by your admissions counselor.  You may only get a quick tour or you may be able to stop and chat with different employees offering all kinds of resources along the way.  Here at Villa, if you want to see something or meet someone that we have not shown you yet, don’t be afraid to speak up!  We will do everything in our power to set that up!  Write questions down that you may have thought of so you don’t forget to ask.  No tour guide will be offended if you have to take a peek at your notes on your cellphone to reference questions you may have thought of prior to the visit!

It helps to know the basic offerings of a college before coming for a visit, this will allow you to ask much more in-depth and important questions during the visit itself.  Not everything can be found on college websites and sometimes it’s easier to hear the information from someone instead of staring at a computer screen for hours – how to get involved, what clubs on campus would be a good fit for your intended major, the fun stuff!  Hardly any questions are off limits and if your guide does not know the answer right away, you can bet that they’ll search for it for you.

Don’t be afraid to go out there and visit all the colleges you want to see.  Ask questions and have them show you what they have to offer!  Where you end up pursuing your college career is your decision.

Don’t forget to listen to your gut!

— Lauren Caulfield, Admissions Counselor

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