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We like to keep our alumni updated about all the great things that are going on at Villa Maria. If you would like to receive our e-mails, please e-mail [email protected], or complete the form to the right.

Alumni News of Note

Villa Maria graduates have accomplished many things, around Western New York and beyond! To help us communicate who you are and what you are up to in both your personal and professional lives, we ask for your submissions to keep us in the know. Feel free to send in news, photos, videos, awards, achievements and other related content to [email protected] Select information will be featured in upcoming blogs, social media posts and published works of the College.


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Alumni Fitness Membership

As a benefit for alumni, Villa Maria College offers membership to use the Fitness Center. A one-year membership can be purchased for $60.

To purchase:
1. Mail check for $60 to:
Villa Maria College
Attn: Alumni Relations
240 Pine Ridge Rd
Buffalo, NY 14225
Please include your e-mail address on the subject line.

2. Once payment is processed, you will receive e-mail confirmation.
3. Contact Joanne Nowak at 716-961-1877 to schedule a time to have your photo id taken.
4. Enjoy your fitness center membership!

For fitness center policies, please click here.

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