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Interior Design Student Showcase

Instructor Statement

The Interior Design BFA Thesis is a capstone project that includes extensive research and an independent design project to prove a hypothesis.

This project marks the culmination of the student’s design education and is a reflection of the breadth and depth of their interior design knowledge and skills. The work reflects not only a robust understanding and ability in all aspects of interior design, but will also show evidence of a well-rounded, liberal arts education, demonstrating critical thinking, creativity and concern for the health, welfare and safety of the public. The Interior Design Thesis is about ideas and inquiry and uses the design process for space making and form giving.

Matalin Barone

Thesis Statement

The Fashion Industry contributes excessively to unnecessary waste, which further poses a threat on global health. Social media advertising and large fashion corporations combined have normalized quick-lived fashion trends that lack quality and timelessness for clothing longevity. The current Fashion Industry depends on a cycle of excessive acquisition and rapid disposal. The Garment RE-District will offer solutions which promote sustainability and connect the community.

Caitlin Jarosinski

Designer Bio

Caitlin Jarosinski started her interior design journey at Alfred State College where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Interior Design. She then transferred to Villa Maria College to continue her education. She will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design in May, 2023. At Villa Maria, she was elected President of the Interior Design Club, was awarded most outstanding Interior Design Student and was one of the student representatives of the International Interior Design Association – Buffalo Chapter.

Throughout college, her personal philosophy evolved to be: Interior Designers must find a balance between beauty and science to create an overall cohesive design. It goes beyond aesthetics and is about building experiences for end users. It takes focus and skill to space plan to build an efficiently functional space. In the future, she plans to work in the interior design field and also pursue a Master’s Degree in Architecture.

Thesis Statement

I propose an interior design museum that will inform, educate, entertain, and elevate. The goal of the space is to inspire design for designers and non- designers while also educating people on their work, as well as to study and show the physical and mental factors that can be affected with different areas of design. The space will display past, present, and future interior design and the evidence behind it. By designing this structure people will understand the importance of design and the value it has in our everyday lives.