Villa Is Home

Villa is home.

It’s springtime at Villa Maria. That usually means campus visits and college decisions, graduations and new beginnings. But this year, even though you can’t come to us, we thought we’d bring Villa to you. We’re inviting students, faculty, and alumni—all the people who call Villa Maria College home—to share glimpses of the ways Villa has shaped who they are and who they’ll become. This is a chance for you to hear from the kind of people you’ll meet here—to see for yourself what Villa has to offer.

Life as a Viking.

Hear from students, faculty, and alumni about why Villa is home to them.

From the feed.

We’ll have information about all your options in the dining hall today! We can help you connect with your advisor, or assist you with registering for classes! 📘 Upcoming Registration FAQ Events:⁠
✨ Today at 11am⁠
✨ Monday, April 12⁠
✨ Tuesday, April 13⁠
✨ Wednesday, April 14⁠
✨ Thursday, April 15⁠
Villa Maria College is a private, co-educational, Catholic college providing students with the premier student-centered experience in Western New York. Students learn and grow with a culturally diverse population that lives its ideals of truth, charity, and unity.
Who wants to win a $100 Amazon gift card?! Enter the #VillaLove contest today! 💰 The first 30 entrants will also receive a $5 food voucher to the Villa dining hall.⁠
⁠ for all the details!👇🏽
🎶 Did you know you can customize your studies to showcase your unique talents and support your career goals in our non-traditional music program?⁠
🎵 A degree in Music Industry can prepare you to become a successful freelance performer and/or help you prepare to pursue a graduate degree to further develop musicianship!
Enjoy your holiday weekend, Vikings! 🐇 We'll see you back on campus on Monday!
Our small classes with an 8️⃣:1️⃣ student to faculty ratio, along with studio-based learning are just some of the factors that distinguish Villa’s student-centered approach to learning. 📚 Teaching and learning are the top priority at Villa Maria College!
Learn how to design, create, and restore spaces to impact the world and people around you in our fully accredited, nationally recognized Interior Design program. 💡⁠
Villa students are always making new, exciting and award-winning pieces!
Please remember to always wear your mask while on campus! Wash and sanitize your hands often, and practice proper social distancing protocols.

Create your own #VillaisHome!

Design it. Paint it. Draw it. Chalk it. Type it. Animate it. Sing it. Post it.

Ready to call Villa home?

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