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Urban Firefighter Magazine To Publish Photos Taken By Villa Maria College Student

By February 6, 2011March 5th, 2014Campus Blog

Villa Maria College senior, Lloyd Mitchell, will have his photographs published in the spring issue of Urban Firefighermagazine, a new startup publication that originated out of Milwaukee. Mitchell, a native of Brooklyn, has always had an interest in photography.  In early 2010, one of his friends told him about the magazine’s call for entries and that they were looking for unique photographs to publish.

I have been wanting to do a project on firefighters since my sophmore year. I wanted to do something different and get photos of these men and women in their helmets. East New York and Bushwick, where I grew up, are well known for heavy fire duty response throughout the year,” says Mitchell. I knew I would be able to get some great shots of these firefighters doing work under intense pressure. The area is filled with a lot of high rise buildings which makes for dramatic images. I wanted to uncover the hard work these everyday people put into their jobs to protect the community. I always say “thank you for what you do’ when I drop off any photos to them.  Their response is alway ‘We were just doing what we are trained to do’, he says.  “I consider it my gift to give back to them and the service they give to the community.”

Urban Firefighter magazine is geared toward the audience its name suggests – firefighters yes, but, their focus is also to be a source of news and information pertaining to the culture, operations, training and people that make up the urban fire service.  For more information visit:

Photo: Lloyd Mitchell, Villa Maria College Senior