Student Parking

Villa Maria College is not responsible for injury to any person or damage to any vehicle. Drivers assume the responsibility of reporting incidents to the police and to the Business Office.

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Student Parking and Traffic Regulations

Parking stickers are to be obtained in the Student Center. A parking sticker is valid for the duration of time a student is enrolled at Villa Maria College. A parking sticker must be obtained for each car used on campus.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Regulations

  • All cars must be registered in Felician Hall.
  • The parking sticker must be displayed on the driver’s side rear window.
  • The campus speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Cars must park between yellow lines.

Where to Park

Student Parking

  • Students are able to park in any open lot on campus unless it is restricted or designated for Faculty and Staff.

Handicapped Parking

(Handicapped sign must be visibly displayed.)

  • Reserved spaces in parking lots on both sides of the Auditorium Building

No Parking Areas

  • Breezeway   on   either   side   of   the   Main   Building   (The   breezeway  is  not   to   be   used   for   waiting   purposes   or parking; this is a walkway between buildings.)
  • Spots that are designated for visitors.
  • Along the roadway leading to the Student Center
  • Fire lanes – space nearest the buildings (unlined)
  • Any unlined areas or areas marked with diagonal lines

How to Pay a Fine

All offenders of parking regulations are subject to a fine for each violation. Fines are to be paid in the Business Office within five school days after receiving a parking violation ticket. Grades will be withheld until all fines are paid. Cars illegally parked in the handicapped area are subject to being towed away at the owner’s expense.