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“SKALD” Honored with National Awards

By November 12, 2010March 5th, 2014Campus Blog

“SKALD,” a literary and artistic publication published annually by Villa Maria College has been honored with a 2010 First Place with Special Merit Design Award as well as a certificate for Outstanding Concept from the American Scholastic Press.  The publication also recieved a Gold Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press.  The publication received similiar honors from both press organizations in 2009.

The publication takes its name from the skald, an ancient Scandavian poet who memorialized the epic deeds of the Vikings with his elaborate recitiations at court, composing and performing what is now characterised as Old Norse poetry.  “SKALD” features poetry, animation, drawings, paintings and other works contributed by the students of Villa Maria College.  The piece is produced in-house by faculty, staff and students and is fully-funded through student fees.

Jurors in praise of the design commented:

Wonderful visuals!”

I’ve never seen such a complexly-put-together magazine… the result is subtle but palpable; one never knows what is around the next bend of paper. The layering effect you achieve, creating an almost 3-D feel, really makes for a unique reading experience. This is a unique magazine that really took some risks.”