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Bring Your Ideas to Life with Villa's Animation Program

Dream up an idea, cultivate your characters and create your very own world. After learning the arts of rigging, texturing, compositing, and final editing, you will have a professional-grade project that can help jump start your career in animation.

Ready to Animate?

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Even after graduation, the faculty has done so much to help start the 3D design studio I run today. They’ve given me leads on new clients, asked for my assistance on projects, I’ve even been given the opportunity to guest lecture at the school. I couldn’t have come as far as I have without all of their help. Villa is a great choice for anyone interested in animation, they’re always adapting the courses around the industry and helping each student better themselves in their chosen path in animation. — Tom Lembke, ’14, Founder and Lead Artist, Forgeify

Villa’s Supportive Environment

Our small classes with an 8:1 student to faculty ratio along with studio-based learning are just some of the factors that distinguish Villa’s student-centered approach to learning. Teaching and learning are the top priority at Villa Maria College. Our faculty are dedicated to helping you take the next steps to achieve your goals. Teachers become mentors and guides as students learn and grow in our dynamic programs.

Success Center

The Student Success Center offers professional tutors, advisers, and mentors who will assist you in the transition to college and in every subject of study at Villa.

Achieve Program

The Achieve Program for students with learning differences provides support services that go above and beyond to help meet the needs of all our students.

Honors Program

A high-quality, rigorous, and rewarding educational experience for academically high-achieving students with enhanced academic and extra-curricular activities.

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