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Photography Students Display Work Throughout WNY, Win Multiple Awards

By March 23, 2017March 27th, 2017Photography

Our photography students have had a busy few months displaying their work in shows throughout the Western New York area. Six of Villa’s students displayed their work in 3 shows, and five of the six had their work recognized as exceptional.

“It’s really important that our students show their work and enter contests,” said Laura Snyder, professor of photography. “It gets their work out there, and it gets them the recognition they deserve! These recent awards really speak to how hard-working and talented our students are.”

The shows that Villa students have recently participated in, and the awards they recently won, are listed below. Congratulations on all your hard work.


CEPA Gallery Member’s 2017 Show

CEPA Gallery’s 2017 Members’ Exhibition features the photography and photo-related work of some of Western New York’s most talented artists.

Student Participants
Kimberly Holtyn, ’18
Zach Bremer, ’17
Valerie Kasinski, ’14
Liz Bukowski, ’14
Katlin McCabe, ’17
Lianna Hogan, ’17

2017 CEPA Gallery Exterior Views: Richardson Olmsted Complex Photography Show
Katlin McCabe, ’17
Zach Bremer, ’17

About CEPA
Located in Buffalo’s historic Market Arcade Complex, CEPA Gallery is a full-service contemporary photography and visual arts center with impact in both the local and national communities serving approximately 300,000 individuals annually.vWith four galleries of changing exhibits and events, multimedia public art installations, arts education programs, and an open-access darkroom and digital photo lab, CEPA creates a vibrant presence in the heart of downtown Buffalo.

Pulp 716 Gallery Solo Shows
Katlin McCabe, ’17

Student Awards

CEPA Member’s Show 2017, Juror’s Pick Award
Kimberly Holtyn, ’18

This award recognizes those artists who demonstrate an elevated level of artistic maturity and skill in their work.

Faces of Amber, by Kimberly Holytn, ’18

2017 Best of College Photography Photographer’s Forum, Finalists
Erika Moeller, ’19
Katlin McCabe, ’17
Emily Sniegowski, ’18
Bianca Gullotti, ’19

Image by Erica Moeller, ’19

Image by Kaitlin McCabe, ’17

Image by Emily Sniegowski, ’18

Image by Bianca Gullotti, ’19

2017 Best of College Photography – Photographer’s Forum, Honorable Mention
Lianna Hogan, ’17

Image by Lianna Hogan, ’17

Established in 1977, Photographer’s Forum magazine is an award-winning quarterly publication dedicated to quality reproduction of photography in the United States and Canada. Each issue strives to facilitate communication and publication experience among emerging professionals.

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