Nouveau Society ||| Villa Maria College’s Annual Fashion Show


Experience our vision for a new society.

What happens when past experiences intricately and artistically intertwine with future hopes? A Nouveau Society is created. Watch as the fashion design and merchandising students join forces to transform yesterday into tomorrow. When you attend this event, please feel welcomed, appreciated and excited to see what the Fashion Designers and Merchandisers from Villa Maria College have to offer.  This year we welcome everyone to celebrate good fashion and delight in the opportunity for transformation  and growth that each day brings.

Friday, April 26, 2018
Raffles at 6:00 PM
Doors at 7:00 PM
Show at 8:00 PM

abstract women with red shoulder and blue hair

The Social Hall in the Athletic Center
Villa Maria College
240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY 14225

Production Team

Taylor Tedesco, ’19, Fashion Merchandising
Line | Aspirations

I’m in the Honors Program, on the Dean’s List & am part of Villa’s National Honor Society. Last year, I was awarded the Outstanding Student in Fashion. I’ve held various positions with Queen City Fashion Week, Buffalo Spree Spring Style, & Color the Runway. Outside of Villa, I participate in Master’s Classes at Shea’s & various community theatre productions. I’m currently portraying Alice Sycamore in a production of ‘You Can’t Take It With You.’ I’m hopeful for a career with a fashion company or in costuming after graduation.  

Tiffany Canty, ’19, Fashion Design
Line | Emissos Vega

I’m Tiffany, I am a 25-year-old college student who has always loved fashion since childhood. My grandmother told me I used to wrap myself inside of blankets and scarves to create different looks as a child. I have always prided myself on self love and confidence so now, in my senior year working on my senior collection, these are the things that has inspired me to create the beautiful pieces I have put into this spring and summer collection I have created and entitled “Emissos Vega.”

Jahaira Rivera, ’19, Fashion Design
Line | Kayged

I named my collection: Kayged. For a long time that is how I was living, as if I had been Kayged. Society’s ideal of beautiful made feel as though I did not fit in, this is why I created my own idea of what is beautiful. Designing is my safe haven. I turn obstacles into opportunity, which is how I created Kayged.

An array of garments out of the Kayged situation, which are now released. This is for every girl who has ever felt used, not good enough and not pretty. Lastly, thank you to Professor Reid for always listening, sharing and going above and beyond the call of duty for all of her students.

Arrianna Clark, ’19, Fashion Design
Line | Damage Control

What inspiration means to me:  Not only can material things inspire creativity, but life experiences, emotions and feelings.  I design by exactly that – involvement and encounters with people, occurrences and life events, and raw emotional states.  The diverse feelings of an individual is what motivates people to wear certain styles and can change according to their mood.  The aesthetic for my senior line encompasses the emotional journey and variations of progression I’ve made as a person, which has sparked the fluidity of my designs.  I plan to work in the fashion industry upon graduation, finding more adventures to cultivate growth in my field.

Scenes of Nouveau Society: Mesa, Origins, Suburbia Disturbia, Silicon Society, ReStyle: The Goodwill Challenge, Avant-Garde and Merchandising

Special Event: Basket Raffle Benefiting Open Arms Rescue of WNY


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