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Melanie Daniels Wins IIDA Mock Interview Competition

Melanie Daniels, a senior studying interior design at Villa, was named the winner of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Mock Interview Competition that took place on March 8 at Millington Lockwood.

The mock interviews focus on how well students know themselves and their past experiences, how well they know the interior design industry, and how well students understand the position. Students view the interview not only as an opportunity to impress the panel of potential employers, but also to gather information about the position and the company to evaluate whether to accept a job offer.

“Mock interviews are an effective way for students to prepare for an actual employment interview,” said Sandra Reicis, interior design professor. “Melanie’s success in this competition proves that Villa students leave the interior design program prepared to work in the local interior design field, and that they stand out among other job candidates.”

Participants were ranked based on their knowledge of the job and company, pragmatics, like how well the made eye contact, organization and overall diversity of their portfolio, communication skills, critical thinking abilities, problem solving skills, relevance, like how prepared they were, and overall professionalism.

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