Get That Job Week

Get That Job Week

Get That Job Week

Get That Job Week

March 23, 2015 – March 31, 2015 all-day
Villa Maria College
240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY 14225
Blythe Kaczmarczyk

Get That Job week, sponsored by Career Services Office, Internship Program and the Alumni Office is an opportunity for students to learn the early career preparation skills necessary to plan for that ever important job search well before graduation.

Through a series of events and workshops that heighten the awareness of preparing for you career sooner rather than later, Get That Job week will bring guest speakers, alumni, and students together on campus. The schedule for the week is below.

March 23, Monday 3-4:30 Room 103

Joan Graci-Job Coach/President APA Solutions

Workshop: Inside Scoop-Start Now, College to Career

What you engage in during your college experience matters!


March 24, Tuesday 10-11:30 Room L50

Palma Zanghi, Director of Counseling Services

Workshop: What Does Personality Have to do with Successful Employment?

Get a grip on the type of personality you are by using the world’s most popular Myers-Briggs Type indicator.


March 25, Wednesday 5-7 PM Dining Hall

John Bourdage, Founder Bourdage Consulting

Etiquette Dinner

Manage a lunch or dinner interview or meeting with confidence!


March 27, Friday 12:00-2:30 Room L50

Joan Graci, Job Coach/President APA Solutions

Workshop: Branding You!

How to market yourself and stand out in a crowd.


March 30, Monday 4:00-5:10 Room L50

Blythe Kaczmarczyk, Director of Career Services

Workshop: Transition to Employment

Find out how to successfully transition from life as a college student, to life in the workforce.


March 31, Tuesday 4:30 Room L50

Debbie Handzlik, VMC Alumni Office

Alumni Panel– What are Employers Looking For?

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