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Crissy Campbell, ’06 

I am a PTA for Optimal Therapy Associates Services, which is a company the contracts with school districts for both PT and OT in schools. I am based on the North Tonawanda School District working with primarily K-7th graders.  I love my job, especially working with kids. I enjoy being a PTA because I enjoy working with people, whether kids or adults, and helping them achieve goals to assist them in their lives.  

I enjoyed my time at Villa. I liked that it was small and intimate and not overwhelming. Kim and Jim were the best instructors to have to learn physical therapy from. They were supportive and helpful and truly cares about their students. I appreciate all they have done for me. 

My best advice for students who want to become a PTA is allow : yourself to soak in anything and everything your professors and clinical instructors tell you. Some of the best tips and lessons I have learned have been from therapists’ real-life experiences.