Villa is WHERE…I Pushed Myself: A Recap by Senior Courtney Ewings

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Villa is WHERE…I Pushed Myself: A Recap by Senior Courtney Ewings

As a senior in Villa Maria College’s graphic design program, I’ve been given an incredible amount of opportunities in which I’m encouraged to push myself as a designer and build connections with my peers and professors.

This experience has been one of the most interesting and challenging things that I’ve ever done. Throughout the entire program we’re taught several different aspects of design and we’re given the opportunity to work on advertising, print and publication, branding, competition (Don Nichols / ADDYs), screen printing, web design, and typography pieces.

Some of my favorite projects are:

  • Creating ad campaigns including magazine spreads, billboards, websites, and commercials
  • Being an editor for SKALD, the annual student work publication
  • Learning web design and being able to understand coding and also being able to build template driven websites

I’ve also really enjoyed being able to work on group projects doing several different art installations found around the Villa Maria campus.

The most educational experiences that I’ve had thus far were my two internship opportunities. I was able to get real world experience working in small graphic design agencies, with wonderful designers and coworkers that taught me so much more than you could learn in a classroom.

I’ve had the opportunity to build connections with respected business owners and other designers in the field through Villa’s internship course. My senior internship that I just recently did over the summer actually hired me as a graphic designer and now I have the opportunity to work in the field and build up my resume even before I’ve graduate.

After graduation I’d like to stay local because I’ve built up several connections here, but eventually I’d like to travel and work at some larger firms that Buffalo doesn’t necessarily offer in order to build up my resume even more. My 10 year plan has always been to get an associate degree in business so I can pair that with my bachelor’s in graphic design and my minor in photography and I could start my own business in my hometown or somewhere nearby.

I really believe that Villa Maria has prepared me with graphic design knowledge and skill set that will be beneficial throughout my entire career. The internship and service learning opportunities helped create connections that I can build off of as I continue my career as a professional graphic designer.

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