Students Eligible for Readmission

Formerly matriculated students who have left the College due to personal, academic or behavioral reasons may apply for readmission. To begin the process of readmission, please complete the application below. Contact us with questions at [email protected] or 716-961-1805.

A readmitted student is one who previously matriculated at the College, but has not applied for nor been granted a leave of absence. These students must complete a re-admittance application through the Admissions Office, supply an essay to explain why they are requesting re-admittance, and if necessary, develop a defined action plan for success. Students will be required to submit both their Villa Maria College transcript and those from other collegiate institutions prior to being accepted. Students follow the specific requirements defined by the program of study in effect when readmitted. In addition, a complete analysis of each student’s financial aid eligibility will be reviewed prior to re-admission.

Application for Re-Admittance

Former Villa students are welcome to be considered to re-admittance to the College. A re-admitted student is one who previously matriculated at the College but has left the College without a leave of absence, or has been on a leave of absence for more than a year.

Directions to Applicant:

1. Complete and submit this application for re-admission.
2. If you have taken courses and earned college credit elsewhere, you must request an official transcript be sent to the Villa Maria College Office of Admissions prior to consideration.
3. A student who has left the College due to poor academic performance must follow the prescribed procedure. The Office of Admissions will provide specific information.

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