Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid


Our staff is ready to assist you in completing the financial aid process, outlined below. If you have any questions or need assistance please call us at 716-961-1850.

  • Federal Code for Villa Maria College: 002896
  • TAP Code (Associate Degree): 2158
  • TAP Code (Bachelor Degree): 2188


Step 1

Gather the following documents to assist you in filing your FAFSA if applicable. Depending upon your dependency situation, these documents would come from you, your parent(s), or your spouse (if married).

  • Social security card
  • Driver’s license
  • W-2 forms
  • Federal income tax return
  • Current bank statements
  • Untaxed income records

Step 2

If you have not established a FAFSA pin number, you and your parent(s) can apply online at File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at To assist you in entering in your federal tax information, the FAFSA features the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT). If you are not able to use the DRT, you can use your federal tax return to complete the FAFSA.

Step 3

Once the FAFSA is submitted, stay logged in and click on the link to the State Grant Application, found on the FAFSA Submission Confirmation page. Clicking on the link will allow you to complete the TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) application right away. If you do not apply for TAP after submitting your FAFSA, you can still do so by going, but you will need to wait a few days until the FAFSA processes.

Step 4

After successfully submitting your FAFSA, the Department of Education will send you a Student Aid Report (SAR). If you have provided an e-mail address, the SAR will be sent to you via e-mail a few days after your FAFSA has been processed. Review our SAR for errors, as this information is used to determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Your EFC is used to determine aid availability and financial need.

Step 5

If your FAFSA is randomly selected for verification by the Department of Education for a process called Verification, you will be notified by the Financial Aid Office Verification is the process by which we confirm the information provided by students / parents on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students can be selected by either the Federal Government or the college.

Step 6

Once your FAFSA is processed, the Financial Aid Office will review your Institutional Information Record (ISIR) and prepare a Financial Aid Award Letter listing the aid available to you. First year students will be mailed an award letter. Returning students will be able to review their awards on the Student Portal. Once your award letter has been received, please review, sign and return a copy to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. Returning students should accept their awards using the student portal.

Step 7

Students taking federal loans need to complete the Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note online at for further information or assistance in completing any of the financial aid steps, please contact the financial Aid Office.

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