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Motion Design Certificate Program

Improve your visual communication in just 4 weeks.

Design for Marketers

Villa Maria’s Design for Marketers Certificate Program offers a four-week course that is professionally designed and delivered to cover targeted topics in visual communication. A combination of instruction and hands-on workshops will prepare participants for a thorough perspective of graphic design to strengthen marketing materials.

Courses are delivered face-to-face on the Villa Maria College campus in its state-of-the-art computer labs. Each week, students will experience approximately 2-hours of instructor lead mini-lectures, readings, and open discussions, plus an additional 2 hours of hands-on lab exercises.

The completion of Villa Maria’s Design for Marketers Certificate Program will put you in an excellent position to create differentiated visual communication with a designer’s edge over the competition. During this course, you’ll have to opportunity to work with award-winning professionals in the WNY advertising industry as you gain valuable insight on the added value of effective design.

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Course Description and Dates

Are you looking to create marketing pieces that are more visually dynamic and differentiated? This course introduces participants to the basic principles and elements of design, methods to achieve effective and unexpected layout and composition, guidelines for choosing and using typography, and the basics of visual branding to strengthen client work. Marketing professionals will be exposed to elevated design concepts that help to build strong brands using design theory, case studies, hands-on exercises, and graphic design applications. Bridge the communication gap between marketing and graphic design with this exclusive course tailored to expand applicable skills for marketing professionals.

This course will cover topics including:

  • Introduction and application of the principles of design
  • Basics of visual branding and using brand personality
  • Differentiated layout and composition techniques
  • Using marketing strategies to determine design direction
  • Application of design elements such as color and typography
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Villa Maria College
240 Pine Ridge Road
Buffalo, NY 14225




Becky Strathearn
Director of Admissions
[email protected]

Course Instructors 

Chuck Moran

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Chuck Moran is a film professional who has been a freelancer in the industry for over 25 years. He has also been a union member of Local 52 for the last 12 years. Though he has worked in many aspects of film production, most of Chuck’s experience has been in grip and lighting. He has worked on everything from small-crew corporate videos to multimillion dollar motion pictures. While Chuck enjoys passing on his knowledge, he also loves to learn.

Tracy Moran

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Tracy Moran has a BS in Film Production from RIT and has been freelancing in the WNY commercial film market for over 25 years. Her experience spans almost all areas of film, as well as theatrical and event production. She has worked in the camera department for several feature films, Kodak technical demos, and commercials for the Super Bowl and Buick. She has recently added COVID Compliance Certification, Teleprompt Operation and Remote Zoom Technician skills to her resume. With this class she hopes to mentor the next generation of aspiring filmmakers.

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