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Academic Accomplishments Celebrated at 2019 Honors Convocation

Ryan Weatherbee, ’19, poses with Professor Joyce Kessel.

As each semester comes to an end, the College community gathers to recognize the academic accomplishments of our students at Honors Convocation. This year’s Honors Convocation took place on Thursday, April 26 in Villa’s on-campus auditorium. This year, 20 students were recognized for their achievements, and another 30 were inducted into an international honors society.

Best Undergraduate Symposium
Ryan Weatherbee, ’19, “Silent Hill 2: Aesthetics by Design”
PlayStation 2 added a new interactivity level to the game Silent Hill’s new level of immersion with artistic direction and aesthetic properties to deliver an experience unmatched in the medium today.


Faculty Association Achievement Awards
Faculty Association Achievement Award, Baccalaureate: Jeremy T. Mazzu, ’19
Faculty Association Achievement Award, Associate: Ashley Dietz, ’19
Faculty Association Achievement Award, Associate: Stacy Faulkner, ’19
Faculty Association Achievement Award, Associate: Lisa Kaemmerlen, ’19
Faculty Association Achievement Award, Associate: Nicole Maciejewski, ’19
Faculty Association Achievement Award, Associate: Brittany Rowan, ’19

Outstanding Students by Program
Animation: Jeremy Mazzu, ’19
Digital Filmmaking: Marissa Gravius, ’21
Fashion Design and Merchandising: Taylor Tedesco, ’19
Arts: Shanel T. Kerekes, ’19
Graphic Design: Emily B. Kaczynski, ’20
Interior Design: Angela L. Cerroni, ’22
Fine Music B.A. Program: Tashieka S. Thompson, ’20
Music Industry: Madeline H. Radwan, ’19
Photography: Monica A. Bates, ’20
Business: Gabriele C. Marrone, ’19
Liberal Arts: Nina Cray, ’19
Occupational Therapy Assistant: Hannah G. McDowell, ’19
Psychology: Danielle H. Jones, ’19
Physical Therapist Assistant: Stacy L. Faulkner, ’19

Two women standing side by side smiling

Nina Cray,’ 19, Outstanding Student in Liberal Arts with Digital Media and Communication Professor Michelle Kearns










Phi Theta Kappa Inductees
Jocelyn M. Armbruster, ’20
Jessica Babin, ’20
Kalvin Booker, ’19
Aislinn J. Bleiler, ’19
Josephine D. Capen, ’20
Ashley A. Emond, ’20
Stacy L. Faulkner, ’19
Jeremy Fornito, ’20
Tiffani D. Hall, ’19
Amanda Karneth, ’20
Lauren R. Nowicki, ’19
Mindy F. Robins, ’19
Hannah Sigurdson, ’20
Jenna Wagner, ’21
Casey P. Walters, ’19
Ashley M. Wheeler, ’20

Phi Theta Kappa Current Members
Ashley N. Dietz, ’19
Kaleigh M. Hinkson, ’19
Hannah G. McDowell, ’19
Prodda B. Murphy, ’19
Patricia R. Trevett, ’19
Emily P. Volpe, ’19
Tessa G. Widmer, ’19
Christina Smith, ’19
Katie Zak, ’19

Delta Epsilon Sigma Inductees
Ashton Barrie, ’19
Elizabeth Burns-Hausrath, ’22
Karina Ellefson-Wells, ’19
Rebecca Gaczewski, ’20
Emily Kaczynski, ’20
Erika Moeller, ’20
Cameron Morelli-Knisley, ’20
Alannah Okonczak, ’19
Alexandra Snow, ’19
Taylor Tedesco, ’19
Colleen Tulowitzki, ’20
Analese Wilson, ’19
Gabriel Quinn Ziegler, ’20
Jenna Zielkiewicz, ’19

Delta Epsilon Sigma Current Members
Shelby Braidich, ’19
Jessica Brakefield, ’19
Francesca Bubb, ’19
Tanner DeMarco, ’19
Tien Nguyen, ’19
Siera Rogers, ’19
Molly Sheehan, ’19
Beth Anne Stendahl, ’18
Olivia Venezia, ’19

Two women and a man stand in a group smiling

Siera Rogers (far left) with Interior Design Professor Sandra Reicis (far right)










In addition to recognizing student accomplishments, Honors Convocation also recognizes the talented and dedicated faculty members who received promotions. The follow faculty

Jennifer D’Alessandro, Assistant Professor
John Fucile, Assistant Professor
Paula Velarde, Assistant Professor
Anthony Casuccio, Associate Professor
Dr. Ann Rivera, Associate Professor
Sarah Hanson, Professor

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