Living the Mission

Villa Maria College offers a holistic education that prepares graduates to take their place in the world outside of our walls. Members of our faculty are professionals in their field and do far more than teach a subject. They prepare students to join them as colleagues. Intellectual inquiry, respect for diversity, and a commitment to service are reinforced and modeled across our curriculum. Graduates of Villa Maria College are prepared to contribute to their community and become life-long learners.


Service Learning

Service Learning is an instructional method that strengthens classroom learning by creating opportunities within the formal curriculum and the co-curriculum for students to participate in and reflect upon community service. At Villa Maria College, we believe that students should understand the value of and participate in service throughout their professional, personal and community-based endeavors.

At Villa Maria College, we believe that service learning:

  • Reflects the Franciscan spirit of Villa Maria College’s mission.
  • Enhances and enriches the collegiate learning experience.
  • Provides opportunities for active learning, practical application, evaluation and analysis of theoretical classroom concepts.
  • Allows students to practice organizational leadership, individual caring, social responsibility and community building skills necessary for life-long success.
  • Promotes friendships among fellow students sharing a common vision of social consciousness and compassion.

Service Learning Requirements

As a requirement for graduation, all students enrolled in associate degree programs are responsible for completing a minimum of 25 hours of service. Students enrolled in our bachelor degree programs are responsible for completing a minimum of 50 hours of service.

To learn more about the service learning requirement at Villa, please click here.


Sister Mary Josette Food Pantry

The Sister Mary Josette Food Pantry is a major project sponsored by Campus Ministry. The food pantry opened in 1986 in compassionate response to student need. Gradually the pantry has expanded its services to over 1,000 individuals in the local community each month.

The program also seeks to offer life-changing services such as a clothes closet on campus, referrals for professional counseling through the Campus Ministry Office, and posting/dissemination of healthy living, general education and vocational training opportunities.

Hours of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10 AM-3 PM.

“Preserve among yourselves a unity, peace, love and kindness. Practice toward one another gentleness, understanding and cooperation.” – Blessed Mary Angela

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