Visionary Plan

Visionary Plan

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier student-centered college in Western New York, characterized by an unyielding commitment to serving the needs of individual learners, with:

  • Cutting edge pedagogy guiding and empowering students through individual pathways to academic success;
  • Compassionate and caring faculty members who nurture emerging talent;
  • Robust student life experiences fusing academics and student life into a vibrant whole;
  • Opportunities for the personal development of life skills that help students realize their full potential as human beings;
  • Prudent fiscal management and stewardship in support of a Felician Franciscan environment and student-centered atmosphere.

Recognizing that students are entering college with varying levels of preparation and academic, professional, and social experiences, Villa’s visionary plan builds on and introduces initiatives that meet students at their skill level, providing them with the support and tools to succeed while they are enrolled, and the skills needed after graduation.

Organized around four pillars of success–Felician Franciscan identity, academic excellence, student focus, and stewardship–the plan touches on nearly every aspect of the college in support of serving individual student needs. Villa will foster academic programs that, along with faculty members who can nurture emerging talent, guide and empower students individually to success. The college will also deliver new student life experiences, including opportunities that build life skills to help students realize their full potential. All of these pieces will be afforded through methodical fiscal stewardship in support of a Felician Franciscan and student-centered environment.

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