Ideals and Values

Ideals and Values

Our Core Ideals

The seal of Villa Maria College is a graphic representation of the foundation upon which the College rests. The Holy Spirit, the Source of Eternal Wisdom, hovers above the triangle upon which are inscribed in Latin the ideals of the College:

Veritas – Truth
The ideal of truth is demonstrated and fostered by the values of honesty, objectivity, consistency and respect for diversity.

Caritas – Charity
The ideal of charity is demonstrated and fostered by the values of service, dignity, respect and social responsibility.

Unitas – Unity
The ideal of unity is demonstrated and fostered by the values of equity, sensitivity and collaboration.

Within the triangle symbolizing the Most Holy Trinity is the Immaculate Heart of Mary as depicted in the Seal of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice. The crossed arms of Christ and St. Francis of Assisi symbolize the Franciscan Rule of the Third Order Regular, with the Eucharistic Host placed upon the Cross depicting the Eucharistic and penitential character of the Felician Congregation.

The Latin inscription encircling these symbols reads: “Seal of Villa Maria College of Buffalo, New York” and includes the chartering date (1961) of the college.


Our Core Values

From these ideals flow our core values which are intrinsic to all that happens at Villa Maria College.

Respect for Human Dignity: We practice the value of respect for human dignity by exhibiting our reverence for and commitment to promoting and protecting the dignity of all persons.

Compassion: We practice the value of compassion by exhibiting an empathetic consciousness toward others expressed in caring service.

Transformation: We practice the value of transformation by having an open mind and heart; this leads to continuous improvement of all involved in our ministry.

Solidarity With the Poor: We practice the value of solidarity with the poor by ensuring the needs of the poor and vulnerable are met through advocacy and action.

Justice and Peace: We practice the values of justice and peace by forging right relationships, recreating a sustainable environment, and promoting the common good – all in the pursuit of peace.

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